Optimising Diesel Locomotive Emissions with PDSA’s Custom Solution

Project Story

A prominent diesel locomotive specialist sought assistance from Pacific Data Systems Australia (PDSA) to help a major network operator in Australia comprehend emissions data and monitor changes in emissions during engine maintenance. PDSA engaged in consultation with the organisation, ultimately crafting a custom solution that adhered to international measurement standards in the industry. The focal point of the solution was the modification of the DPM-RT-2, allowing for the pausing of tests during load testing at different notch positions.


The challenge faced by the major network operator was the need to gain a comprehensive understanding of emissions data and track variations during engine maintenance. Traditional methods were insufficient in providing real-time insights, necessitating a custom solution to address the complexities of diesel locomotive emissions. The USA EPA standard dictated certain specific test times and temperature of sample collected as well as sample path specifications.


PDSA’s process involved thorough consultation with the organisation, gaining insights into their specific requirements. Subsequently, they developed a tailored solution that met industry measurement standards. Key modifications to the DPM-RT-2 allowed for the pausing of tests, a critical feature during load testing at various notch positions. This ensured a nuanced evaluation of the impact of changes to injection systems on diesel particulate emissions. In collaboration with the consultant and PDSA’s technical brains trust, a compliant solution was developed.


The custom solution provided by PDSA emerged as an effective means to address the challenges faced by the major network operator. The modified DPM-RT-2 facilitated precise testing under varying load conditions, enabling the end-user to clearly observe the impact of diesel injection system modifications and improvements on diesel particulate emissions. This solution not only met international standards but also offered a tailored approach to monitoring emissions during engine maintenance and verifying engine warranty guarantees and maintenance effectiveness.


PDSA’s expertise in developing custom solutions proved instrumental in optimising diesel locomotive emissions monitoring. The ability to pause tests during load variations provided a nuanced understanding of emission changes, offering significant benefits operationally, socially, and environmentally. This case study underscores PDSA’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, showcasing their track record in providing tailored solutions to real-world problems across diverse industries.

Client Testimonial

“The team at PDSA have been excellent to work with. They always have time and apply informed judgement in product development and application considerations to come up with something that works. Never before have we had a tool to show such quantitative improvements that can lead to big dollar savings and validation of the important work we provide our clients. I highly recommend Pacific Data”