• dPM-RT

    Real-time Diesel Particulate Analyser

    The latest locally designed and manufactured DPM (diesel particulate matter) technology on the market.

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  • SatVUE

    Remote Satellite Monitoring Solution

    A reliable, robust, cost effective satellite communication solution

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  • FreshView EC12

    Ripening Controller

    Monitor - Control - Ripen - Degreen - Storage - Safety

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  • Automation

    And Process Control

    Do you have a problem that you think can't be solved?

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  • Data Acquisition Systems

    From The World's Leading Manufacturers

    Data Loggers - Remote Telemetry Units - Process Automation Controllers

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  • Environmental Monitoring

    Custom Manufactured Systems

    Remote automatic monitoring systems for weather, water quality, air quality, gas & dust

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  • Workplace Health & Safety

    Fast - Simple - Accurate

    Don't compromise on quality

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  • Automatic Weather Stations
  • Hand-held Environmental Monitoring Devices
  • Meteorological Sensors


  • Water Quality Monitoring Stations
  • Portable Water Quality Meters
  • Water Quality Sensors

Air, Gas & Dust

  • Fresh Produce Systems
  • Dust Monitoring Systems
  • Diesel Particulate & Diesel Emissions Monitoring

Workplace & Traffic Safety

  • Breathalysers
  • Drug Test Kits

Data Logging & Process Control

  • Data Loggers
  • Process Control 
  • Data Logging Systems

Research & Development

  • Research and Development Services
  • Research and Development Project Gallery

Standalone Sensors

  • Weather, Soil Science
  • Water, Gas
  • Air Quality 
  • Indoor Environmental
  • Pipeline Hydrostatic

Telemetry & Communications

  • 3G
  • Satellite
  • Radio
  • SMS

Data Instrumentation

Breathalyser, water quality instruments, drug test kits and many more technologies customised to offer the best solutions to our clients. We source instrumentation from a diverse range of major manufacturers like DataTaker for data loggers, Kestrel & Vaisala for weather stations and Branan Medical for drug test kits.