Upgrading from MAHA MPM-4M to DPM-RT-2

Project Story

For years, the MAHA MPM-4M stood as the go-to device for underground mines, providing reliable DPM measurements from tailpipes. However, with MAHA discontinuing the MPM-4M production, a gap emerged in the market. Pacific Data Systems Australia (PDSA) seized the opportunity to consult with mining clients and enhance measurement capabilities.


Major mining groups faced challenges with the MPM-4M’s single-button menu and mono screen, posing difficulties for operators, diesel mechanics, and workshop staff. Analysing and retrieving test data for analysis proved to be cumbersome, prompting the need for an upgraded solution.


In response to the challenges, PDSA introduced the DPM-RT as the initial iteration, replicating the MPM-4M’s core functions. Recognising the need for improvements, the DPM-RT-2 was developed. This involved collaborative efforts with underground mine workshops to address specific pain points. Key features included data download in CSV format via USB or WiFi, a colour touch screen for intuitive navigation, and the ability to record vehicle details, section details, and engine numbers for each test. As always, increase battery life is always sought after with demanding workshop environments needing smooth operations with minimal equipment downtime.


The DPM-RT-2 emerged as the solution to the challenges posed by the MPM-4M’s discontinuation. Its enhanced features not only replicated the MPM-4M’s functionality but also provided a more user-friendly experience. The ability to download data easily, navigate through various tests effortlessly, and record comprehensive details streamlined the testing process. Traditional users embraced the new instrument, saving significant time and resources while requiring minimal training. The DPM-RT-2 also comes with a 2 1/5 hour minimum battery life. And like the MPM-4M, the DPM-RT-2 is rugged and suitable for mine workshops and has a 10+ year life expectancy.


The transition from the MPM-4M to the DPM-RT-2 marked a successful evolution in tailpipe emissions measurement for underground mines. PDSA’s collaboration with mining customers resulted in a tailored solution that not only addressed challenges but exceeded expectations in emissions measurement capabilities. The upgraded device not only filled the void left by the MPM-4M but set a new standard for reliable, user-friendly DPM monitoring in the mining industry.

Client Testimonial

“The DPM-RT-2 is has the same rugged, built tough design of the MPM-4M, just with the smarts of a modern instrument and the price is very reasonable given the R&D that’s gone into it.”