Environmental Monitoring

Manometer Intrinsically Safe
Manometer Intrinsically Safe 475-000-FM
Intrinsically Safe handheld digital manometer, range 0-1.000" w.c. (.2491 kPa), max. pressure 5 psig
Intrinsically Safe Pressure Meter 0-to-±7000mbar C9507/IS
The Comark C9507/IS Intrinsically Safe Pressure Meter 0-to-±7000mbar / Intrinsically Safe Manometer 0-to-±7000mbar combines high accuracy with speed of response and is ATEX compliant and designed for use in areas where explosive or flammable substances are stored or processed. Pressure Measurement Range: 0-to-±7000 mBar Twin Inputs for Gauge or Differential Pressure Pressure units:...
Portable CO2 Monitor – Classroom
This lightweight self calibrating CO2 monitor with temperature and humidity measurement is ideal for monitoring air quality for office spaces, the home and classrooms. Studies have shown COVID-19 virus can spread in classrooms more easily once CO2 reaches 800ppm and is too high a risk at 1500ppm to continue activities.
YDOC Data Logger For Environmental Monitoring and IOT
The YDOC is a logging and telemetry device with Analogue, Digital and Serial Inputs for environmental data logging. Basic single sensor applications or complex bespoke applications, the YDOC can solve most environmental monitoring challenges.
Ponsel C4E Digital Conductivity and Salinity Sensor
The Ponsel C4E digital conductivity and salinity sensor offers the choice of Modbus RS-485 or SDI-12 connections and is suitable for a wide range of water quality testing applications.
Ponsel Digital Optical Dissolved Oxygen (OPTOD) Sensor
The Ponsel optical dissolved oxygen sensor is an ultra low power digital sensor for highly accurate water quality measurements. Available in stainless steel or titanium.
Ponsel Digital pH, Redox & Temperature Sensor (pHEHT)
The Ponsel pHEHT sensor combines pH, redox and temperature measurements in a single water quality monitoring solution.
Ponsel NTU Digital Turbidity Sensor
The Ponsel turbidity sensor utilises 4 electrode technology to ensure your required water quality readings are accurate and reliable. The sensor offers both SD-12 and RS-485 connectivity.
RG12 – Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
The RG12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge provides accurate rainfall data with minimal maintenance and can be used in conjunction with the Pacific Data Systems Automatic Weather Station or your choice of data logger.
Gill Windsonic – Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
The Gill Windsonic provides accurate wind speed and wind direction measurements and is an economical alternative to cup and vane anemometers.
Pipeline Integrity Testing System
Pipeline Integrity Testing SystemThe Pacific Data Systems Pipeline Integrity Testing System has been developed for pre-commissioning leak tests on gas pipelines.The system assists in identifying fluctuations in temperature along the length of pipeline which could indicate a possible leak.
Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing
The Pipeline and Soil temperature probes have been designed to ensure accurate, repeatable temperature measurements for pipeline hydrostatic testing during pipeline commissioning works.
Serial to SDI-12 Protocol Converter
The Serial to SDI-12 Protocol Converter (PDS-PC-UNI) has been developed to detect any parameter from an NMEA 0183 data stream or act as an RS485 Modbus Master and convert it into the more easily digestible SDI-12 protocol.
Ezy Switch SMS Controller
The easy to use, easy to install Ezy Switch controller allows you to take control and monitor your plant and equipment, commercial, agricultural, industrial, marine and domestic appliances with a simple SMS.
Kestrel 5500 Fire Weather Meter Pro
It provides NIST-traceable accuracy, reliability and usability when it matters most.
Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter
The Kestrel 5500 provides the same trusted accuracy, reliability, and usability as the original Kestrel 4500.
Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress WBGT Meter
The Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker is a user-friendly WBGT meter that detects when heat-related conditions are unsafe well before your body does.
Kestrel 5200 Professional Environmental Meter
The Kestrel 5000AG is designed to meet the needs of livestock, agriculture and animal health professionals.
Kestrel 5000AG Livestock and Agriculture Environmental Meter
The Kestrel 5000AG is designed to meet the needs of livestock, agriculture and animal health professionals.
Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter
Provides trusted accuracy, reliability, and usability and adds many new features and options.
Kestrel 3500 Pocket Wind Meter
Many Kestrel users need to know everything that the weather is doing, but don’t need to log the data. The Kestrel 3500 has been developed just for them. It provides comprehensive environmental data on nine different measurements with the simplicity of the Kestrel 1000.
Kestrel 3500DT Pocket Wind Meter
Minimise waste and maximise safety with the Kestrel 3500 Delta T. Delta T allows you to accurately assess acceptable spraying conditions to ensure you're within guidelines and help you select the right spray nozzle.
Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter
Professional and collegiate athletic trainers, storm chasers, and firefighters alike understand the importance of monitoring field conditions. You know you're working hard - make sure you're staying safe. The Kestrel 3000 keeps you from working past your limits.
Kestrel 2500 Pocket Wind Meter
The perfect instrument for any outdoor activity - get conditions in seconds right in the palm of your hand with the Kestrel 2500 pocket weather meter.
Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter
When you need to know the wind, temperature, and wind chill conditions, you need the Kestrel 2000 Pocket Thermo Wind Meter.
Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter
Know the wind conditions, anytime, anywhere with the Kestrel 1000 Pocket Wind Meter. Tough, accurate and affordable, it requires no setup - just hold it up to measure wind speed.
Kestrel 3500-IS Intrinsically Safe Air Weather Meter
The Kestrel 3500-IS Intrinsically Safe Weather Meter is a critical piece of equipment in underground mine ventilation operations. The 3500-IS is a lightweight, reliable and suitably certified tool for monitoring air velocity and weather in underground environments for managing and monitoring a safe environment and heat stress for underground workers.
Kestrel 1000-IS Intrinsically Safe Air Velocity Meter
The Kestrel 1000-IS Intrinsically Safe Air Velocity Meter is a critical piece of equipment in underground mine ventilation operations. The 1000-IS is a light weight, reliable and suitably certified tool for monitoring air velocity in underground environments for managing and monitoring a safe environment for underground workers.
Elsec 7650 – UV & Light Meter
The Elsec 7650 and 7650C enable measurement of two parameters that cause damage to buildings and precious artifacts: ultraviolet light (UV) and visible light.
Elsec 765 – Light, Humidity & Temperature Monitor
The 765 is the most popular, measuring ultraviolet, visible light, relative humidity, and temperature. Optional data logging functionality.
Elsec 775 – Universal Light & Thermal Radiation Meter
Without calibration requirements and featuring ultra-low power technology, the Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor meets the demands of field work and short or long term water quality monitoring campaigns.
Feedlot Weather Station
Heat Stress Management for Livestock. Access and monitor anywhere anytime. The Pacific Data Systems Australia Feedlot Weather Station with Heat Load and Accumulated Heat Load monitoring assesses and informs producers on the real-time heat stress conditions experienced by livestock. This results in better operational practices and greater returns for feedlot...
Automatic Weather Station
Australian manufactured Automatic Weather Station. Why spend your valuable time designing, building and programming your next weather station? The Pacific Data Systems Australia All-In-One Weather Station is a simple to use, professional weather observation system using modern measurement techniques to give you fast, accurate updates on your local weather conditions.
SatVUE Remote Monitoring System
SatVUE is a low-cost smart remote monitoring solution utilising satellite communications (two-way) to reliably collect, store and report data from anywhere in the world and accessed remotely via the web.

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