Custom Systems

Custom systems can involve unknown challenges, PDSA gives customers an opportunity to scope a project with our engineering team to better understand the challenges within the monitoring challenges before offering a professional reliable solution saving many hours of investigation and consultancy.


  • Tank level and leak detection

  • Dams, rivers, creeks, pond, reservoir level and quality monitoring

  • Still camera systems

  • Weather data

  • Soil moisture, temperature, salinity and other quality parameters

  • Engine condition monitoring

  • Remote equipment voltage monitor

  • Signal survey coverage monitors using GPS

  • Air quality applications for dust, wind, toxic gases, pollutants and other emissions

  • Environmental monitoring of compliance requirements

  • Plant and wastewater monitoring

  • Global Satellite connectivity in remote areas outside of 4G coverage

  • Use data to supply power and control for remote pump operation and other equipment

  • Monitor pressure

  • One of the projects

  • Read analog and digital outputs of other equipment and connect to the cloud using our network devices

Featured custom systems solutions

Environmental data monitoring can be a difficult challenge. The monitoring and the data itself is your requirement, your speciality. Obtaining your data remotely is ours. Unique environmental or data-driven requirements can require a custom design or other consulting assistance.

PDSA has been enabling experiments, observations, and innovations in data collection through remote powered, plug and play hardware and telemetry for remote data transmission to world-class data portals. A difficult data collection problem can be solved through our engineering scoping process and applying our data loggers. Telemetry devices are reliable and rugged custom systems, with suitable sensors—Custom systems designed, built, installed and supported by PDSA.

Reliable, repeatable and real-time data makes environmental, and operation monitoring simple and functional and gives data users time and capability to perform in their project with confidence. Custom systems can involve unknown challenges,


  • Remote access to your data and machinery reduces the costs and safety risks associated with visits to sites by personnel
  • Earlier notification of incidents and problems
  • Better manage farm stock feeding
  • Integrate live data into your operation decisions making frameworks
  • Build confidence in your own operation with an overlaid data profile adding value in your own services and operation
  • Low cost of data for low data throughput of alarming by exception and ongoing remote monitoring
  • We take great pride in our customers, our products and innovation, our commitment and our team.