AMS Haden – Enhancing Diesel Particulate Matter Monitoring in the African Mining Industry

Project Story

AMS Haden Instrument and Mining Services, a leading company in providing emission insights, collaborated with a major South African mine operator to conduct Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) monitoring on two diesel engines in their mobile fleet.


AMS Haden was approached by a major mine operator to monitor DPM levels on two machines. The mine needed away to evaluate maintenance effectiveness in improving combustion engine performance and emissions control effectiveness. Initial testing showed improved DPM levels on one machine but an increase in emissions on the second. This challenge required prompt identification and resolution of the root cause by workshop management to bring both machines within acceptable emission limits.


Above ground testing was conducted and followed up one month later post-operation. Results validated enhanced engine performance on one machine but indicated increased DPM on the other. In collaboration with AMS Haden, workshop management initiated an investigation to identify and resolve the root cause of the emission increase. This comprehensive process ensured effective management of DPM levels, bringing them back within acceptable limits.


Tailpipe analysis using a diesel particulate analyser emerged as a crucial solution in maintaining a clean environment and ensuring mine worker safety. Investing in a tailpipe emission measuring device enabled the mine to access systems data for more frequent emission rate monitoring. This solution was incorporated into the maintenance schedule, supporting measurements by the VOHE Department and the overall DPM Management Strategy. The instrument also proved valuable for troubleshooting and emissions-based maintenance, with all tested machines ultimately demonstrating acceptable emission rates.


AMS Haden’s collaboration with the major mine operator exemplifies the importance of effective DPM monitoring and emissions measurement solutions in the mining industry. The successful identification and resolution of diesel engine performance underscores the critical nature of tailpipe emission analysis and regular monitoring using advanced measuring devices. AMS Haden’s leadership in measurement and safety solutions for the African mining industry, coupled with their partnership with Pacific Data Systems Australia, reinforces their commitment to delivering innovative solutions for a cleaner and safer mining environment.