Cement pumping monitoring system for coal seam gas providers



Coal seam gas (CSG) is extracted through a narrow well that can extend up to 1000 metres below the surface of the ground. During the initial setup of the well it is lined with a steel casing. Cement is then pumped down the outside of the casing to the bottom of the well where it exits and then fills the space between the drilled hole and the casing. This helps to keep the casing in the centre of the well and prevents corrosion of the casing that would occur over time if the casing was exposed to formation fluids.

Pacific Data Systems Australia developed a data logging system for a company that provides a range of cement and fluid pumping services to the CSG and energy industries. The company uses the data logged by the system to provide accurate billing to their customers based on the actual quantity of cement used.

The system connects to several flow meters that were already installed on the cement pumping truck. It is driven by a dataTaker DT80 data logger which is housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure. A touchscreen panel PC is mounted on the front of the enclosure and runs the custom programmed WinLog Pro SCADA / HMI software. From this touchscreen, the cement pumping operator has access to real time information on the quantity of cement that has been pumped as well as other data that is supplied by the truck’s on-board sensors. The operator can also configure alarm setpoints directly from the touchscreen interface.

The customer has reported that the cement pumping monitoring system developed by Pacific Data Systems Australia is simpler and easier to use than the system that they were previously using. 

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