Remote monitoring system for water storage level


Project summary

A NSW Government Department is running a project to improve flood plain water harvesting across a number a catchments. The department is currently conducting a pilot study to investigate suitable water storage monitoring systems. Pacific Data Systems Australia was selected to supply a remote monitoring system for evaluation at a Western NSW dam as part of the pilot study. 

Pacific Data Systems Australia designed, manufactured and installed the remote monitoring system based on the requirements of the department. Dam water level data is recorded by an industrial water level sensor which is connected to the base system which is located over 30 meters away.

At the core of the Water Storage Monitoring System is a Remote Telemetry Unit which records the water level data and provides 24/7 remote connectivity to the system. The RTU has been configured to allow the Government Department to access the data remotely and it can also be configured to send email and SMS alerts if required.

The base system is housed in a heavy duty stainless steel enclosure to protect all electrical components against theft, vandalism and environmental damage. Pacific Data Systems Australia installed a display on the front panel of the enclosure so that data could be viewed without requiring access to the internal components. To conserve power, data is only displayed on the screen whilst a button is pressed.

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