Pipeline temperature monitoring system


A NATA-accredited pressure testing company who specialise in conducting pipeline strength, leak and yield tests were commissioned by a large mining conglomerate to monitor the internal air temperature of their pipelines.

Regardless of whether it holds fluids, gases or solids, the internal integrity of any pipeline is a genuine safety consideration. It is crucial to know what’s going on inside the pipe at any given time, with buried pipelines in particular requiring extensive analysis of on-site data.

Crucially, highly accurate continuous monitoring and logging systems are required to assist in differentiating between temperature fluctuations and potential leaks.

Going portable


Whilst the company’s core business focuses primarily on insitu solutions that are medium-to-long term, the mining conglomerate had need to only monitor for short periods (3-5 days) before moving to another pipeline.

With no portable, short term monitoring solution as part of their existing product offerings, the company turned to Pacific Data Systems Australia for assistance. 

Multiple monitoring points

Pacific Data Systems Australia had long since developed their Pipeline Integrity Testing System for use in pre-commissioning leak tests on gas pipelines. The system assists in identifying fluctuations in temperature along the length of pipeline which could indicate a possible leak – the perfect solution for this monitoring application.

Temperature probes were placed at either end of the pipeline length.


One probe (A) is placed into the soil surrounding the pipeline, whilst the second (B) is inserted into conduit abutting the pipeline, with both wired to a dataTaker data logging unit.

The battery powered system collects data every 5 minutes during the 3-5 day test period, and after testing is complete, the data can be directly downloaded to PC for modelling.

Post-install benefits

  • Improved safety concerns

  • Improved response times due to alarm functionality

  • Minimisation of data transposition errors due to remote telemetry

  • Web portal access for full visibility at all times

Technical specifications

Conduit Temperature Probe

Sensor type: PT100A RTD 4 wires

Stainless steel sheath: 60mm (optional length increase)

Fibreglass rod: 2m (longer lengths available)

Cable length: 3m standard (longer lengths available)

Soil Temperature Probe

Sensor type: PT100A RTD 4 wire

Data Logging Unit

Power: Battery

Memory: 128MB, approx 10,000,000 data points with Date Time Stamp Alarm Logs

Data collection: USB Flash drive or Ethernet connection to PC/Laptop

Resolution: 18 bit

Display: LCD, 2 line by 16 characters, backlight

Communications: Optional 3G / Iridium Satellite communications

* Battery and solar power may be required if remote communications options are fitted

** Data plans will also apply

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