Asset monitoring and tracking system


Asset monitoring of mobile plant and equipment is taking a big leap from the old ‘location only’ tracking widely available. New systems with integrated sensor suites like those used by one of the largest Australian mining conglomerates are shining a light on maintenance related issues for fleet vehicles on site.

Like the black box found on aircraft, a similar systems supplied by Pacific Data Systems has turned equipment monitoring on its head. With inputs such as brake application, brake pressures,oil temperature & pressures, vehicle speed, engine revs and vehicle position, assets are no longer tracked but fully monitored. Using a DT80 data logger at its core, the monitoring and tracking system can be easily configured for almost any type of sensor or input on site, without the need for factory modifications. This allows different sensor packages to be used on different assets.


  • 15 analog sensor inputs (pressure, temperature etc)

  • 8 digital contact inputs (On/Off state, brake application etc)

  • GPS input (location, speed etc)

  • Relay output (over alarm or remote shutdown etc)

  • 64Mb on-board memory (>6 mths logging 15 inputs every 1 min)

  • Remote communication options (Satellite, GSM or 3G)


  • Modular construction with weatherproof design

  • Not only tracks position but also monitors asset parameters and allows remote diagnostics and shutdown

  • Remote two-way access via satellite, 3G or GSM networks

  • Made and supported in Australia

  • Almost any commercially available sensor can be connected to the data logger

  • Saves maintenance by alarming on input over-range

  • Can record calculations on multiple inputs

Inputs supported

  • operating hours

  • oil level

  • oil temperature

  • water pressure

  • location

  • brake application

  • alternator current

  • run times

  • oil pressure

  • water level

  • water temperature

  • vehicle speed

  • battery voltage

  • and many more…

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