Ponsel Suspended Solid digital sensor MES5



The principle of measure is based on the mitigation of the Infra-Red signal in 870 nm through an optical path of
5mm. The sensor delivers measures in Suspended Solid (g/l), Turbidity (FAU) and Sludge Blanket detection in %
of transmission IR. For a better precision, the optics of the sensor are regulated in temperature.
For a measure of Suspended Solid, the sensor is directly calibrated on the material to be measured (sample of
In Turbidimeter version the sensor delivers measures on a range 0-4000 FAU ( Formazine Attenuation Unit) and
is calibrated with solutions of Formazine.
Temperature: measure and regulation of optics via CTN.


The sensor PONSEL connects to every type of recorder, transmitter, system of remote processing or automaton
endowed with an entrance Modbus RS485. Thanks to the indexation of the sensor, more than 200 sensors can
be connected on a recorder.
Resisting the disturbances: pre-development integrated into the sensor and the digital treatment of the signals.
All the data concerning the calibration, the history and the users are directly recorded in the digital sensor MES5.


A handle in DELRIN material assures the mechanical dress of the sensor and the sealing seals of the cable.
Compact, strong and light, the sensor allows a use in portable version or fixed post.


Suspended Solid Measure
Principle of measure Optical IR (870 nm) Based on IR absorption
Range of measure SS : 0 -50 g/L

Turbidity : 0-4000 FAU

Sludge Blanket : 0.01 à 0.1 %

Accuracy SS< 10 %

Turbidity : +/- 5% (range 200-4000 FAU)

Sludge blanket : +/- 2%

Response Time < 35 Seconds
Temperature Measure
Principle of Measure NTC
Working Temperature -5.00 °C to + 60,00°C
Resolution 0,01 °C
Accuracy +/- 0.5 °C
Storage Temperature -10°C to + 60°C
Degree of Protection IP 68
Signal Interface Modbus RS-485 or SDI-12
Refreshment of the Measure Maximum < 1 second
Power Supply 5 to 28 volts
Consumption Standby : 25 μA (5 V)

Average RS485 (1 measure/second) : 4.5 mA (5V)

Average SDI12 (1 measure/second) : 4.5 mA (5V)

Current Pulse : 100 mA during 30 mS

Heating times : 100 ms

Weight 750g Sensor
Material DELRIN, Nickel-plated brass, EPDM
Pressure Max 5 bars
Cable/connections 9 armoured connectors, polyurethane jacket, bare-wires or waterproof Fisher connector

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