PDS-WX-3 Multiparameter Weather Sensor

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The PDS WX-3 is a multi-parameter weather sensor with inbuilt GPS, compass and accelerometer which can assst in weather monitoring and navigation in moving vehicle applications.



  • Ultrasonic technology

  • Measurements: True wind speed and wind direction, Barometric pressure, Air temperature, Calculated wind chill temperature, Relative humidity, Dewpoint, Heat index

  • GPS

  • Two-axis solid state compass

  • Three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll

Reliability and superior accuracy, along with no moving parts and plug and play installation, makes the PDS WX-3 an easy and affordable choice for any weather solution.

The ability to provide true wind speed and direction readings makes it a suitable weather sensor for use in moving vehicle applications (e.g. farm machinery, emergency service vehicles, marine vehicles). Also included is a 10Hz GPS, solid state compass and three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll to assist in navigation, particularly for marine vessels.

The PDS WX-3 has also been developed with a 50% reduction in current draw for use in remote locations where solar or battery power is in use. Pacific Data Systems can design and build complete weather stations incorporating the PDS-WX-3 Ultrasonic Weather Sensor to meet your project requirements.


PDS-WX-3 Weather sensor benefits

  • No moving parts – no maintenance and long-term reliability without calibration

  • Suitable for use on moving vehicles

  • Internal GPS, compass and accelerometer provide navigational data


Systems integration services

Do you need assistance with developing your monitoring system? Pacific Data Systems specialises in manufacturing integrated monitoring and process control systems and can assist in developing a turn-key solution to meet your requirements.

Please view our Case Studies to see examples of custom systems developed for our customers.

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FeaturesUltrasonic technologyMeasurements: True wind speed and wind direction, Barometric pressure, Air temperature, Calculated wind chill

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