FreshView PRO-1 Ethylene and Gas Detector for Reducing Wastage and Gaining Confidence in Cold Room Environmental Conditions

Ethylene, Humidity, Temperature, CO2, O2 and Pulp Temperatuer Portable Monitoring System

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FreshView PRO-1 is the low cost, portable solution with fixed monitoring functionality, cold room operators can easily, quickly add real time monitoring and recording of Ethylene, CO2, O2, temperature and humidity to any cold room.



>AC Powered


>SMS and Email alerts

>Leading Ethylene Sensor Technology

>Portable from Room to Room, Site to Site

>Data Hosting for QA Recording




>Controlled Atmosphere

>Storage Monitoring


>Know the condition of your room

>Data as a Service option for the length of the season – smaller investment

>QA Control of manual processes and storage history of marketed produce

>Optimise manual gassing and humidity and temperature control

>Be alerted to an environmental problem your cold room conditions before spoilage saving $$$!


With power and data over serial Modbus communication add and remove sensors as required, want to monitor outside of a cold room, sure! We can connect your sensors or sensors from our Evikon Gas range or other customer requirements as needed. Pacific Data Systems Australia are the experts in sensing system integration.

Purchasing Options

Rent or Buy


Modem: 4G LTE-M

Power: AC with 7.2Ah backup SLA



Sensor Type


Ethylene Electrochemical Optional :

0 to 10 ppm

0 to 200 ppm

0 to 1500 ppm (C2H4)

CO2 NDIR 0% to 20 %
Temperature Solid State -40°C to +60°C
O2 Zirconium Oxide 0% to 25%
Pulp Temperature 3 Wire RTD -40°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity Solid State 0% to 100%

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