RG12 - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

RG12 - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

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The RG12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge provides accurate rainfall data with minimal maintenance and can be used in conjunction with the Pacific Data Systems Automatic Weather Station or your choice of data logger.

Sturdy Construction

The RG12 Series tipping bucket rain gauge is sturdily constructed from polished stainless steel to provide years of reliable operation.

Low Maintenance

Gauze filters in the receiver and both outlets prevent debris (e.g. leaves, dirt, insects) from entering the working parts of the instrument, making it the ideal rain gauge situations where regular maintenance is not possible (such as remote weather stations).

The rain gauge is also fitted with a syphon to control and maintain a constant flow-rate into the bucket mechanism.

The tipping mechanism is manufactured from stainless steel aluminium and is of very solid construction ensuring that tips are accurate and consistent in volume.


The RG12 Series tipping bucket rain gauge is a reliable, sturdy instrument which can be used but not limited to the following applications;

  • Rainfall distribution and intensity
  • Catchment monitoring
  • Soil conservation
  • Flood mitigation programs and
  • Hydrology.

Technical Specifications

Operating Range:  Up to 450 mm/hr
Accuracy:  ±2% at low rainfall rates / ± 5% at rainfall rates above 300 mm/hr.
Resolution:  0.2mm per tip.
Detector system:  1 or 2 Reed switch(es) or Hall Effect sensor
Supply Voltage:  6 to 24 Volts DC Nominal
Dimensions:  Funnel Diameter: 203mm.   Height: 315mm.   Base Diameter: 250mm
Reliability:  Typically a minimum of five (5) years’ operation before factory re-calibration is recommended.

Brochure Download

For more information please download the RG12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge brochure.

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