PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor

Ultrasonic Weather Sensor Featuring True and Apparent Wind Speed Measurement

PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor

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  • No Moving Parts
  • True Wind / Apparent Wind
  • Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind Chill
  • 3-Axis Compass
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Rate Gyro
  • NMEA 0183 & 2000®

True and Apparent Wind Speed Measurement

Wind Speed and Direction are measured using four ultrasonic transducers; no moving parts make it durable and reliable. The internal, WAAS GPS engine and three-axis solid-state compass provide both Apparent and True Wind Speed and Direction without the need to tack on additional sensors.

Internal WAAS GPS

The WAAS GPS generates navigation data as well as magnetic variation and is suitable as your primary GPS source. The internal temperature and barometric pressure sensors help predict changing weather patterns. Combined with the internal heading sensor, all of your navigation needs are there! No other instrument on the market incorporates all of these sensors in one compact housing.

Accuracy For Marine Weather Station Applications

What sets our data apart from the competition is the 2° heading accuracy under dynamic conditions such as rough seas. The unique dynamic-motion-correction software is the key. The PDS-WX-6's heading is highly accurate and stable under most sea conditions, even if the vessel is pitching and rolling up to 30°. Also unique to the WX-6 is that the 3D accelerometer and rate gyro are temperature compensated, resulting in precise tilt and rate-of-turn data. This allows the PDS-WX-6 to accurately measure True Wind Speed and Direction even when tilted up to 30°.

Systems Integration

The PDS-WX-6 is available for purchase independently, however you may also choose to take advantage of Pacific Data Systems strong background in systems integration. We can design a complete weather station incorporating the PDS-WX-6 along with other sensors, data loggers, communications and power. Refer to "Custom Weather Stations" in the left hand menu for further details.

Brochure Download

For more information please download the PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor brochure.

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