Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter

Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter

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Parameters Measured

Current wind speed, average wind speed, maximum wind gust, temperature, wind chill.

When you need to know wind, temperature, and wind chill conditions, you need the Kestrel 2000 Pocket Thermo Wind Meter. Pocket-sized and easy-to-use, the Kestrel 2000 allows you to take fast, accurate readings of the environmental conditions wherever you are.

The perfect all-purpose tool for those who love outdoor adventure, it can track maximum and average wind speeds along with current readings, and allows you to choose measurement units to suit your application.

Winter sports enthusiasts around the world love Kestrel Meters. Thanks to the patented external temperature sensor, the Kestrel 2000 can take accurate water and snow temperature readings, and since it is isolated from the case, you can be sure that the temperature the Kestrel Meter is reading is accurate and not influenced by your hand warming the unit.

Kestrel Meters kept riders and spectators abreast of the weather conditions at the 2006 ESPN X Games in Aspen, Colorado, and were used by the 2006 US Biathlon Olympic Team in Turin to measure air and snow temperature to aid in ski-wax selection decisions and measure the wind downrange.

Every Kestrel is individually calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and comes with a free Certificate of Conformity (Individual NIST certificates and recalibration are also available.)

If your application demands regular calibration, simply pop in a new impeller and the Kestrel air velocity meter is restored to like-new factory calibration standards.


  • A slip-on protective cover
  • Neck lanyard 
  • CR2032 coin cell battery (Average life 300 hours) 
  • Kestrel Certificate of Conformity

Available accessories

  • Nylon carry case
  • Replacement impeller
  • Portable vane mount
  • Tripod 
  • Replacement Lithium battery
  • Replacement battery cover 
  • Stainless Steel mounting bracket 
  • RH calibration kit

Brochure Download

For more information please download the Kestrel 2000 Pocket Wind Meter brochure.

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