SCADA Compatible Water Quality Station

SCADA Compatible Water Quality Station

Remote Monitoring and Automation


  • Access real-time information when making operational decisions 
  • Receive immediate alerts to your mobile devices so potential problems can be dealt with before they escalate 
  • Extend the functionality of your existing SCADA system at a fraction of the cost

The NEW Pacific Data Systems SCADA-Compatible Water Quality Station provides economical, high performance water monitoring and control.

Suitable for a range of water and wastewater operations, including local government, mining and aquaculture, the PDS water quality station can be configured for either permanent or portable installations.

The PDS-WQMS can be integrated into existing SCADA networks and can be tailored to offer remote communications and solar/battery power for “off-the-grid” deployments.

Key Features


Fully Configured, Ready for Installation

All programming, mounting of hardware and wiring is carried out in our Australian manufacturing facilities, minimising the time required for on-site installation and configuration.
Alarm Management

Including multimedia messaging, recipient groups, escalation, and shift management. Users can acknowledge alarms and initiate logic operations from their smartphones, tablets, or any wireless devices.
High Performance Sensors 

The PDS-WQMS can be configured to monitor water quality parameters such as pH, DO, turbidity and EC as well as depth and level. Pacific Data Systems uses high quality sensors from GE Druck and Ponsel Mesure. 
Compatible with existing SCADA Systems 

Powered by the CSE-Semaphore T-Box LT2 RTU, the PDS-WQMS can connect to, and extend the functionality of, your existing remote monitoring and control systems