Panasonic CF-U1 Rugged Ultra-Mobile PC

Panasonic CF-U1 Rugged Ultra-Mobile PC

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We have recently been advised that Panasonic Australia have ceased importing the CF-U1 to Australia and that the remaining stock is being offered at drastically reduced prices. Panasonic has confirmed to us that repairs and warranty claims will continue to be provided on existing units as well as stock sold during the run-out sale. Purchase with confidence that your unit will be covered if in the event of a fault.

Please contact Pacific Data Systems urgently for stock levels and reduced pricing


Key Features

  • 5.5" UM PC
  • Reinforced locking port covers
  • Water and dust-resistant to IP65
  • Fully Rugged drop-resistant to 180 cm

A powerful solution for an ultra-mobile PC, the Panasonic Toughbook® CF-U1 comes with the Windows® 7 Operating System (Windows XP available), a reinforced flex-connect solid-state drive and the Intel® Processor.

The extremely rugged Panasonic CF-U1 ultra mobile tablet PC is widely customisable and expandable.

It comes standard with WLAN and Integrated Bluetooth® V2.0 and can be tailored to also include GPS, internal 3G modem, fingerprint scanner, camera and barcode reader to suit the demands of outdoor and industrial users.

The Panasonic CF-U1 makes use of transflective LCD to increase brightness of the LCD under the direct sunlight making it the best outdoor viewable screen available on the market. With dedicated zoom keys, the 5.6"" screen allows you to expand your image size for comfortable reading and navigation.

It's compact and lightweight design is complemented by an adjustable back strap to facilitate handheld use and the user can opt to use the on-screen keyboard, hand writing recognition or integrated keyboard for data input.

The Panasonic CF-U1 is also an all day performer owing to it's twin batteries which can power the device for up to 9 hours. Both battery chambers are hot swappable which allows you to change to fresh batteries without the need to power down, keeping you working for even longer.

With protection against drops of up to 6 foot and an IP65 rating against water and dirt, the Panasonic CF-U1 is a popular choice for construction, surveying, mining, field staff and data collectors.

3-year limited warranty, parts and labour.


Brochure Download

For more information, download the Panasonic Toughbooks CF-U1 Rugged Tablet brochure.

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