Panasonic CF-19 Mk 5 Convertible Tablet PC

Panasonic CF-19 Mk 5 Convertible Tablet PC

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Key Features

  • 10.4" convertible tablet PC
  • 4 GB SDRAM (DDR3 - 1333 MHz) standard, expandable to 8 GB 
  • Removable shock-mounted hard drive
  • Water and dust-resistant to IP65
  • Fully Rugged drop-resistant to 180 cm

The new Toughbook® CF19's ultra-strong magnesium alloy casing is now lighter and stronger than ever. This is especially true for the lid that is reinforced thanks to the cross rib structure of the magnesium LCD cabinet which further protects the screen from damage. It's so tough, it can withstand drops of up to 90cm onto a hard surface. Water and dust proofing is essential to a healthy notebook. The fan-less design stops dust and other particles being sucked into the body of the computer. In addition, the individually sealed keyboard, touchpad and display are water and dust resistant to prevent any damage to the interior circuits. All key areas of the casing are sealed with a flexible elastomer sealant, ensuring all the seals are tight and durable to meet IP65 water and dust resistance standards.

Offering WLAN, Bluetooth®, GPS and optional 3G connectivity, the CF-19 allows you to stay connected and locatable wherever you are.

The pressure sensitive screen allows users to operate the touch screen in many conditions using your finger, gloved hands or the touch pen.

The fully ruggedized CF-19's have port connections that sit deeper in the casing than before and have been tested for reliability 20,000 times. Not only does this give you a stronger connection, it also avoids the risk of them being knocked out and damaged if you move your Toughbook® around whilst it's connected. Integral connector covers keep out dust and moisture to make sure you are able to work outside in all conditions.

3 year RTB warranty parts and labour. Options to extend up to 5 years available.


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For further information please download the Panasonic CF-19 Mk 5 Convertible Tablet PC brochure.

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