Weather Stations For Mining, Oil & Gas

Solutions For Compliance, Productivity and Safety

Weather Stations For Mining, Oil & Gas

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There is a two-way relationship between mining, oil and gas companies and the environment in which they operate.

Poorly managed operations can have long-term negative effects which is why Australian State and Federal Governments have developed stringent environmental regulations to minimise the impact on the environment and health of workers and surrounding communities.

Similarly, the weather can present significant challenges to mining companies.

Although the weather can’t be controlled or regulated, real-time environmental monitoring systems can help companies limit the effect that the weather has on their ability to operate an environmentally sustainable, profitable and safe operation.

Real-Time Weather Monitoring For Long-Term Results

Weather Stations - Mining, Oil, Gas

At all stages of the operational life cycle, mining, gas and oil companies can benefit from the understanding of local weather and environmental conditions that real-time environmental monitoring systems provide.

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

During the planning and approvals phase of a new project, an online monitoring system collects baseline environmental data. By automating the collection of data, all potential environmental events can be accurately recorded. Environmental Engineers can also monitor the results remotely, reducing the need for costly on-site visits

Workplace Safety, Productivity and Environmental Compliance

Workplace accidents or production issues linked to weather events can be avoided if there is access to real-time information. An online real-time system can provide immediate audio visual warnings to local workers as well as SMS and email alerts to anyone, anywhere


  • High wind speed alarms to trigger “stop work” processes for crane operations or working at heights 
  • Combined weather and dust monitoring stations located on site perimeters to help management make decisions about dewatering and shut down procedures to maintain environmental compliance

Automation and Control of Mechanical Processes

Cost reductions can be gained through automation. An environmental monitoring system can be configured to control a mechanical process if certain environmental events are logged.


  • Turning off irrigation / dust suppression systems when rain is detected. 
  • Turning on pumps to avoid overflow or flooding when water storage levels rise 
  • Turning off equipment, such as dewatering pumps, to avoid damage when the temperature of internal components are too high

PDS-AWS Real-Time Weather Stations For Mining, Oil & Gas

Pacific Data Systems designs and manufactures simple to use, professional weather stations for fast, accurate updates on your local weather conditions.

Sensor Selection

Choose from the standard set of parameters below:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall
  • Barometric pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • UV levels 
  • Soil moisture 
  • Dust levels 
  • Water Level 
  • Water Quality

Logging and Control

From basic data logging to advanced control systems, Pacific Data Systems has the hardware to suit. Your PDS-AWS can automate a variety of mechanical processes such as switching pumps off at remote locations.

Remote Data Access And Alarms

The PDS-AWS can automatically deliver reports and alerts to managers and stakeholders as well as provide 24/7 online access to historical and live data. When equipped with a dataTaker logger, the PDS-AWS can even be accessed via the DT-Remote iOS app.

Underlying the ease-of-access is the integrated communications and telemetry system. Although 3G options are suitable for most installation sites, your PDS-AWS can be equipped with satellite or radio telemetry options where the 3G network coverage is poor or “swamped”.


The PDS-AWS can be configured with a power option to suit your installation site: solar power, battery only, mains power and even wind generators can be supplied.

External Design

Your PDS-AWS can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of installation requirements such as:

  • Tripod, wall or pole mounting hardware 
  • Choice of mast height - 3, 5 and 10 metre options are common  
  • Choice of enclosure material and size  
  • Integrated display screen  
  • Audio or visual alarm systems

Installation, Service and Support

All PDS-AWS weather stations are supplied as “turn-key” and come with complete user manuals to make it easy to install and start accessing your data straight away.

However, Pacific Data Systems also offers on-site installation and training services where required.


"Mining, Oil & Gas: The Role Of Weather In Compliance, Productivity and Safety"

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