SatVUE Livestock Water Supply Monitoring System

SatVUE Livestock Water Supply Monitoring System

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SatVUE Livestock Water Supply Monitoring System

Monitor your livestock water supply from as little as 50c per day !!

The SatVUE Livestock Water Supply Monitoring System addresses the needs of the livestock industry by providing reliable, up-to-date reporting on water levels across your property.

Features & Benefits
• Suitable for turkey's nest or tank level monitoring
• Respond quickly to water supply issues & alerts
• Satellite communication - from as little as 50c / day
• Easy access & control via web portal
• Long-term reliability - made for rugged environments
• Easy installation
• Australian designed & manufactured

Harsh outback, harsh reality
It goes without saying that a harsh, dry season that yields little to no rain can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of livestock through lack of water supply.

Whether it be through evaporation due to harsh environmental conditions, or equipment issues such as a pump failure, broken pipeline, or power supply outage, water tanks and reserves can go dry and livestock can perish - a tragic and costly outcome!

To ensure livestock have water to drink, many livestock farmers, or borerunners, are forced to spend significant hours on a weekly basis making long trips over rough terrain to inspect each “turkey’s nest”, water tank or irrigation supply.

With potentially millions of livestock scattered across hectares of remote, dry country, this is a costly and time-consuming exercise!

Minimise risk, save time & money
The SatVUE Livestock Water Supply Monitoring System removes the need for you or your staff to visit sites and conduct manual measurements or inspections of water supplies - which in turn could save thousands of dollars in travel and staff resource expenses every year!

The SatVUE system employs a simple approach for field installations - by utilising minimal hardware. In contrast with alternative solutions on the market, this makes for a cost-effective, robust system providing peace of mind.

Turkey's Nest or Tank Level Monitoring
In order to simplify things, we’ve assembled two main SatVUE kits specifically for the agricultural livestock sector.

Turkey Nest Monitoring with SatVUE
Turkey Nest Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring with SatVUE
Tank Level Monitoring

Kit Information
The Turkey Nest kit will have ultrasonic level and rainfall sensors and the Tank kit will have insitu level and rainfall sensors.

Both kits can support third party flow monitoring sensors.

Flexible Sensor Integration
Beyond this, the SatVUE system can be integrated with a broad range of sensors / transmitters to suit a variety of applications.

Please contact our Technical Sales team, or your local SatVUE distributor, for more sensor options.

Remote monitoring, instant alerts
Remote sites are often outside 3G/4G coverage, so in order to avoid the risk of patchy or late data transmission, the SatVUE system communicates via satellite, using Inmarsat’s established and reliable satellite network.

From as little as 50c per day, SatVUE will transmit your crucial measurements / readings to your own unique and secure web portal, allowing you to access data anywhere anytime, via your web-enabled device (smartphone, PC, tablet etc).

The web portal also allows you to make manual changes to sampling and logging intervals of any sensor / transmitter connected to the SatVUE device, as well as the ability to setup crucial alerts when certain thresholds are reached.

Download a copy of the SatVUE Livestock Water Supply Monitoring System brochure

More information on SatVUE
Have other applications outside of Agriculture? The SatVUE solution is ideal for monitoring:
Water - ground, surface, waste, irrigation, bores, tanks, turkey's nests, pipelines, channels, streams or dams for levels, quality, evaporation, flow & pressure; seawater for quality, currents & tides
Air - for dust, gases, temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, wind speed & direction
Soil - for moisture & contaminants
Oil, gas, & other fluids - in pipelines and tanks for levels and pumps for status & control

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