Feedlot Weather & HLI/AHLU Monitor

Heat Stress Management For Livestock

Feedlot Weather & HLI/AHLU Monitor

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Excessive heat load (EHL), or heat stress, can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of livestock (potentially resulting in death), as well as leading to reduced feed intake, fertility and milk production. For primary producers this equates to a loss of income and increase in operational costs. Therefore, being forewarned and knowing when to implement effective heat stress management programs, is crucial to a productive
livestock industry.

The Pacific Data Systems Feedlot Weather & HLI/AHLU Monitor addresses these concerns.

By monitoring relative humidity, wind speed and black globe temperature, the Feedlot Weather & HLI/ AHLU Monitor will calculate the Heat Load Index and Accumulated Heat Load Unit. This informs feedlot operators of the real-time heat stress conditions experienced by livestock, which in turn, provides an accurate assessment of what effective heat stress management programs may be taken.

The system has been engineered and manufactured in Australia using custom-developed sensors and existing instrumentation.


Benefits and Features

• Respond Quickly To Excessive Heat Load Events
  - Activate your EHL event response plan prior to physical signs of heat stress being identified. Avoid production losses and possible cattle deaths.

• Complete Automation
   - No time-consuming manual measurements or calculations required

• Rugged Reliability
  - No moving parts, low maintenance. Sensors are “field-replaceable” by the user

• Optional Radio, Satellite Communications (3G included as standard option)
  - Access data anywhere, anytime*

• Easy, Fast Installation
  - Plug 'n' play

• Optional Rain
  - For the complete weather station

• Optional Trough Water Measurement
  - Water temperature & level

• MLA Heat Load Data Network (HLDN) Compatible
  - As operated by Katestone Environmental



*requires PC or iOS device with a suitable Internet connection



Brochure Download

For more information please download the Feedlot Weather & HLI/AHLU brochure 

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