SCADA Compatible Water Quality Monitoring and Control

Compatible with existing Kingfisher SCADA systems

SCADA Compatible Water Quality Monitoring and Control

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The PDS-WQMS-02 is a fully integrated system delivering economical, high performance water quality monitoring and control.

The PDS-WQMS-02 delivers:

Alarm Management - including multimedia messaging, recipient groups, escalation, and shift management. Users can acknowledge alarms and initiate logic operations from their smartphones, tablets, or any wireless devices.

Smart Data Logging - special routines are available to only log the necessary events with their appropriate time stamps. Reports in CSV, text, or XML formats are quickly configured and are readily available via e-mail attached files and FTP.

Push Communications - without waiting for a poll, the PDS-WQMS initiates messages via e-mail, FTP, and SMS text to immediately notify users of alarms and live conditions at remote assets and processes.

Security Options - capabilities including authentication, firewall, HTTP secure (HTTPS), and VPN are unprecedented among remote terminal units and provide compatibility with a variety of security measures.

High Performance Water Monitoring Sensors

The PDS-WQMS-02 is fitted with high quality sensors from GE Druck and Ponsel Mesure. The PDS-WQMS-02 can be configured to monitor depth / level as well as water quality parameters (pH, DO, turbidity, EC etc).

Compatible with SCADA Systems

The PDS-WQMS is powered by the CSE-Semaphore T-Box LT2 RTU which can connect to existing SCADA systems for data transfer. Integrating a PDS-WQMS into an existing SCADA deployment is a cost-effective method of extending the functionality of your monitoring network whilst still collating all your mission critical data through a central portal.

Ready for On-Site Installation

After consultation to ascertain the project requirements, all necessary programming, mounting of hardware and wiring is carried out in our Australian manufacturing facilities, minimising the time required for on-site installation and configuration.

Brochure Download

For further information, please download the PDS-WQMS-02 Water Quality Monitoring and Control brochure.


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