DataStick Water Quality Measurement System

DataStick Water Quality Measurement System

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Pacific Data Systems has developed an integrated Water Quality Monitoring System utilising the modular Thermo Fisher DataStick with the dataTaker DT80 Data Logger to provide unparalleled flexibility for your water quality monitoring project.

The Thermo Fisher DataStick is a versatile, configurable analytical measurement system. By mixing and matching interchangeable "plug-n-play" components, the DataStick can be tailored for many water quality and process control applications including drinking water, waste water and industrial water treatment.

The DataStick Water Quality Measurement System is a "plug-and-play" solution comprising of four components:

dataTaker DT80 Data Logger

The dataTaker DT80 Data Logger has been designed specifically with environmental monitoring in mind. With over 120MB of data storage, the water quality monitoring station can log data for over 20 years before overwriting making it ideal for long term deployment with redundancy. Depending on the level of interaction wanted there are a number of options available for retrieval and display of the data from the system including online access, smartphone apps and download to USB flash drive.

Universal DataStick Body

The Universal DataStick Body provides automatic conversion to any measurement and communications parameters.  Choose the preferred material of construction and process mounting preference based on your requirements.

Removable Communication Protocol Adapter

The Removable Communication Protocol Adapter provides RS232, RS485 and Modbus Communications between the DataStick and the DT80. The Adapter can be detached from the DataStick Body and connected to a PC for calibration, configuration and diagnosis.

DataStick Sensor Heads

DataStick Sensor Heads are pre-calibrated and can be easily replaced or exchanged in any DataStick measurement system without reinitializing the system. Choose from:

  • Differential pH & ORP
  • Conductivity & Resistivity (via electrode sensor)
  • Conductivity & Resistivity (via toroidal electrodeless sensor)
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Dissolved Ozone
  • Free Chlorine

Brochure Download

For further information, please download the DataStick Water Quality Measurement System brochure.

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