Ponsel Digital pH Sensor With Redox and Temperature

Ponsel Digital pH Sensor With Redox and Temperature

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pH, Redox and Temperature Sensor

The pHEH sensor has been designed to perform under harsh conditions from pure mountain water with conductivity as low as 20uS/cm, lakes and rivers (100 - 2000 uS/cm), seawater with conductivities of 50 mS/cm and to wastewater with conductivity higher than 200mS/cm.

Portable and In-Situ Water Quality Analysis

This sensor has been designed also for handheld and in-situ applications which have been the most difficult of situations for a pH/ORP sensor in terms of sensor resistance, quick time response, minimal flow dependence and low-power consumption.

Thanks to the Universal Modbus RS485 protocol, the Ponsel pH/Redox/Temperature sensor can be connected to all devices commonly used (eg Datalogger, Controllers).

Low Maintenance

This water quality sensor features a longlife reference. The Plastogel® PONSEL technology increases the lifetime of the probe and the need to refill.

The "smart" pH/Redox/Temperature sensor stores calibration and history data within the sensor. This provides a plug-and-play system without re-calibration.

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For further information, please download the Ponsel Digital pH Sensor With Redox and Temperature brochure.

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