Ponsel AQUA Multiparameter Water Quality Probes

Ponsel AQUA Multiparameter Water Quality Probes

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Water Quality Probes

While developing the AQUA range, special attention was paid to maximise user convenience. Compact and lightweight, the water quality probes also feature a user friendly ""clip"" mechanism for changing the 3 mini-sensors.

Multiple Water Quality Parameters

The Ponsel AQUA Probe range allows you to measure up to 6 water quality parameters simultaneously:

  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Oxygen
  • Depth

Water Quality Applications

  • AQUA probe: Suitable for wastewater applications
  • AQUA 10 probe: Suitable for surface water monitoring (0-10m)
  • AQUA 50 probe: Suitable for underground water monitoring (0-50m)

Connectivity Options

The probes are compatible with the Ponsel Acteon 3000 portable data logger and can also be connected to a computer or any other instrument (e.g. data logger, measuring station etc) using SDI-12 protocols.

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