Satellite Communications l SkyWave IDP-600 Series Modems

For remote monitoring and control anywhere in the world

Satellite Communications l SkyWave IDP-600 Series Modems

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SkyWave IDP-680 / IDP-690 Satellite Modems

SkyWave IDP-600 Series satellite modems have been engineered to deliver increased productivity and lower operating costs for remote management of fixed and mobile assets. 

SkyWave IDP-680 Satellite Communications Modem - Pacific Data Systems SkyWave IDP-690 Satellite Communications Modem - Pacific Data Systems

SkyWave IDP-680

For general remote asset management and communications

SkyWave IDP-690

For maritime and low elevation-angle applications

SkyWave IDP-600 Series Satellite Modem Benefits

  • Send more data, more quickly - messages are received within seconds using the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite service. Messages of 10,000 bytes can be sent to the modem and messages of 6,400 bytes from the modem.   
  • Two-way Communications - flexibility to receive automated alarms, retrieve data logs on demand and send text messages to staff  in remote locations
  • Flexible configuration options - the IDP-600 series satellite modems are loaded with features to provide a range of customisation options including programming capabilities, panic buttons, text messaging and sensor ports for fuel, temperature and more.
  • Marine-grade environmentally sealed enclosure - long-term reliability for use on land or water

SkyWave IDP-600 Series Appplications


remote water monitoring - satellite communication

Remote Water Monitoring

cargo ship marine vessel satellite tracking

Marine Vessel Tracking

satellite communications agriculture farm


satellite modem mining


satellite vehicle container tracking

Vehicle, Rail and Container Tracking

satellite oil gas pipeline monitoring

Oil, Gas and Pipeline Monitoring

SatVUE Remote Monitoring System

We have integrated the Skywave IDP-690 into the design of our off-the-shelf- monitoring solution, SatVUE. SatVUE is the perfect solution for a range of applications due to it's plug 'n' play analog, digital or MODBUS I/O protocol inputs. 

To find out more about this product, visit the dedicated SatVUE website here

Systems Integration Services

Do you need assistance with developing your monitoring or control system? Pacific Data Systems specialises in manufacturing integrated monitoring and process control systems and can assist in developing a turn-key solution to meet your requirements.

Please view our Case Studies to see examples of custom systems developed for our customers.

Technical Specifications

Please download the SkyWave IDP 600 Series Satellite Modem Feature Comparisons Data Sheet

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