Soil Thermal Parameter (STP) Sensor

For Monitoring Soil Thermal Resistivity

Soil Thermal Parameter (STP) Sensor

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The Dynamic Soil Thermal Parameter Sensor (STP Sensor) delivers cost-effective, long-term monitoring of actual soil thermal resistivity (STR) as well as the ambient temperature and diffusivity of soil. It is designed for use in conjunction with a data logger and, with the addition of 3G or satellite telemetry, can enable real-time viewing and remote collection of data.

The STP Sensor has been developed to provide utilities with accurate data regarding Soil Thermal Resisitivity in underground cable networks. The enhanced data provided by the soil thermal parameter sensor can be used by electricity networks to create a more efficient underground cable network and achieve significant cost savings. It can assist planners by providing more realistic cable ratings based on a true knowledge of the soil conditions during the design of new underground cable networks, or enable operators to identify where existing circuits are operating below capacity because the STR is below the design value.

Integrated Soil Thermal Parameter Monitoring System

To reduce the overheads associated with designing and manufacturing a complete monitoring solution, Pacific Data Systems can deliver an integrated, professional STP monitoring solution to utilities.

The system can be supplied with 3G or satellite telemetry provides utilities with remote, real-time access to STP data from any number of sites.

Soil Thermal Parameter Sensor Benefits

  • Enable greater utilisation of existing underground cable systems
  • Upgrade existing circuits
  • Delay system upgrades
  • Expand existing systems to meet load growth

Soil Thermal Parameter Sensor Applications

  • Verify and monitor the values and variations of STR of backfill materials over wet and dry seasons
  • Compare different vegetation effects (e.g. trees)
  • Investigate the effects of different surface conditions, e.g. open fields or sealed surfaces
  • Investigate suspected hot spots

Technical Specifications

Please download the Dynamic Soil Thermal Parameter Monitoring brochure for more information


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