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In a very compact, DIN rail package, the new TBox LT2 brick RTU brings multiplatform Web, wireless connectivity, and advanced automation to remote assets and processes.

CSE Semaphore's™ TBox all-in-one architecture provides up to 50% cost savings over systems that combine PLC, communications, and SCADA components. The new TBox LT2 RTU integrates advanced automation, web server, alarm notification, and data logging with Ethernet and wireless communications in a single, rugged module. Now all remote assets and processes are under your control and within reach.

Innovative push and multi-platform Web server technologies open up new possibilities. Users have complete access to alarms, live conditions, and historical data on their mobile devices, tablets, and PCs anytime and anywhere. This self-contained system gives you everything needed to create high-performance yet economical automation and monitoring installations.

LT2 Key Features and Benefits

Powerful Automation - Control applications are readily programmed using BASIC or IEC 61131-3Ladder Diagram with an extensive function block library. For large RTU deployment, advanced programmers will benefit from the compatibility of our programming environments with Microsoft Automation in order to configure applications using common tools such as Microsoft Excel or Visual Basic.

Alarm Management - Alarm notification includes multimedia messaging, recipient groups, escalation, and shift management. Users can acknowledge alarms and initiate logic operations from their smart phones, tablets, or any wireless devices.

Smart Data Logging - Special routines are available to only log the necessary events with their appropriate time stamps. Reports in CSV, text, or XML formats are quickly configured using CSE Semaphore's™ Report Studio and are readily available via e-mail attached files and FTP.

Push Communications
Without waiting for a poll, TBox LT2 initiates messages via e-mail, FTP, and SMS text to immediately notify users of alarms and live conditions at remote assets and processes.

Security Suite
TBox LT2 capabilities including authentication, firewall, HTTP secure (HTTPS), and VPN are unprecedented among remote terminal units and provide compatibility with a variety of security measures.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) - An in-depth implementation provides broad compatibility with IT networks as an agent or manager. An array of SNMP function blocks simplifies programming of network messaging.

Communications Configurations - five ports include RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, USB 2.0 host and remote communications options.


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