Semaphore T-Box

The web generation of advanced telemetry products

Innovative, decentralized architecture enables the complete integration of programmable automation, alarm management, data logging and IP telemetry in a single, rugged package. Simple yet powerful platforms leverage web technologies and push messaging via e-mail, SMS text and FTP. TBox systems are easy to configure and offer dramatically reduced costs versus traditional PLC and SCADA architectures.


The T-Box LT2 is a powerful Internet-ready RTU solution for remote automation and monitoring

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T-Box Lite

The T-BOX Lite is an all-in-one package that brings full Web server technology, SMS reporting, and remote control to small measurement, control, and telemetry outstation applications in a low cost SCADA solution. Our compact, standard design and innovative technology enable real-time access, anywhere, with a standard Web browser.

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T-Box MS

T-BOX MS combines the power of the Internet with modular-based architecture to create a class-leading remote control and automation solution. Equipped with one of the market's most powerful processors, only T-BOX incorporates Web server technology with SMS reporting and remote control to give you real-time access anytime, anywhere, using a standard Web browser.

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T-Box TG-200 TeleControl Gateway

The T-BOX Gateway is an advanced protocol converter system that provides immediate Internet access to any local controller or electronic device. It offers a quick and simple solution to connect multiple devices across multiple protocols and communication standards.

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Semaphore S20 SHDSL Modem

Now convert existing copper wire infrastructure into a high-speed Ethernet network when installing a new SCADA or telemetry system even if it spans distances previously unattainable by conventional DSL technology.

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T-Box Accessories

Various accessories are available : converters, lightning and line protection modules, keyboards, operator panels, access control devices, antennas, radio modems, RS232 splitters, GPS modules, etc

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Report Studio

Report Studio is the tool for creating statistical reports containing dynamic and historic data and exporting them to an e-mail server or to an Internet portal (FTP server)

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T-VIEW Data Aggregator Software

T-VIEW Data Aggregator software is a new remote monitoring technology that offers an intelligent communications interface between peripheral stations, SCADA HMI systems and IT systems.

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TwinSoft Software

TWinSoft is industrial software for the control of automated systems. It consists of programming tools, a real-time execution engine, as well as personalized development tools for equipment manufacturers and integrators (through Microsoft Automation).

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