Rail Track Monitoring System

Real-time updates of track conditions and environmental conditions

Rail Track Monitoring System

With thousands of kilometres of rail track in remote locations, Australian rail operators are often unaware of potential safety issues on the line until it is too late, resulting in dangerous derailments and costly delays in transit times.

Pacific Data Systems Rail Track Monitoring Systems provide rail networks with up-to-the-minute information on the environmental risks linked to train derailments.

Monitoring Options

Your Rail Track Monitoring System can be configured to monitor any number of environmental parameters including:

Weather conditions (e.g. wind speed / direction, rainfall, ambient temperature)

Track flooding / surrounding creek levels

Strain / displacement

Track temperature

Remote Communications and SMS/Email Alarms

Pacific Data Systems Rail Track Monitoring Systems can be configured with your choice of 3G or satellite communications to provide easy access to your data.

Data can be accessed from any internet-enabled PC or via the DT-Remote app for iOS devices.

The Rail Track Monitoring System can also be configured to issue SMS and / or email alerts to nominated personnel.

Integrated Camera (Optional)

To assist in the visual confirmation of on-site conditions, the Rail Track Monitoring System can be configured with an integrated camera to capture photos. Photos can then be issued at the same time as pre-configured SMS / Email alarms to assist in the verification of conditions.

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