Condition Monitoring Systems - Equipment / Machinery and Vehicle

Condition Monitoring Systems - Equipment / Machinery and Vehicle

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  • Monitor for early signs of wear and schedule planned maintenance before break-downs occur
  • Reduce down-time caused by excessive break-downs
  • Reduce plant maintenance costs
  • Identify inappropriate use of machinery and vehicles

Pacific Data Systems Condition Monitoring Systems act as an early warning system for the maintenance of your equipment, machinery and vehicles.

Every system is custom-made to meet the individual requirements of the project, giving our customers greater control over their monitoring outcomes. 

Applications for Condition Monitoring Systems

The following are just a few examples of what your system can be configured to monitor

  • Overcurrent monitoring
  • Pressure (over / under) monitoring
  • Vehicle condition monitoring such as brake use, tyre pressure, acceleration and gear changes
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Monitoring the temperature of bearings and other components


Your system can be configured to include


Alarms and Alerts 

  • SMS and email alerts to nominated staff
  • On-board audio / visual alarms 
  • On-board touchscreen interfaces for display of readings

Remote Access To Your System 

  • Remote access via integrated 3G, Ethernet, Satellite or Radio telemetry
  • Access live data from your PC or mobile device 
  • Integrate a camera or audio recording system to allow remote inspection of the machinery

Process Control 

  • Automatically turn machinery off to prevent damage

Previous Condition Monitoring Projects 

Dewatering Pump - Bearing and Airflow Temperature Monitoring

A large Queensland coal mining company had a requirement to dewater a mining pit using two pumps located on floating pontoons. To assist in maintenance and longevity of pump operation, Pacific Data Systems installed a system which monitored the temperatures of bearings and pumps for both systems. Preset alarms were configured to signal an alarm at the pump control point and switch the pumps off automatically.

Heavy Vehicle Brake Monitoring

Excessive or harsh braking in heavy vehicles can result in a higher frequency of vehicle brake pad replacement and engine component servicing. Pacific Data Systems commissioned a brake monitoring system on a fleet of loaders at a Queensland mine site to log speed, brake temperatures, application, gear level and other parameters. The system helped to reduce wear and tear and lower ongoing maintenance costs for the mine.



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