GMS - Geotechnical Monitoring System

GMS - Geotechnical Monitoring System

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Advanced design and technology plus years of geotechnical expertise have produced the GMS Geotechnical Monitoring System - a versatile, powerful – yet low power & cost effective system.

» Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge System
» Low Cost Per Channel
» Expandable to 320 analog inputs
» Strain Gauge Support
» Web & FTP client / server
» 3 Year Warranty

The GMS is an industrial-grade, vibrating wire strain gauge and temperature monitoring system suitable for the harshest of environmental conditions.

This versatile, powerful – yet low power, & cost effective system will ensure longevity for field monitoring of critical infrastructure such as dam, construction and other monitoring applications.

• A cost effective system capable of measuring 24 vibrating wire strain gauges with thermistors - expandable up to 320 
• Standalone or part of a network with powerful inbuilt communication options, allows access to data how or where you want 
• Capable of testing the integrity of vibrating wire sensors
• Includes USB memory stick support 
• Rugged design and construction provides reliable operation in the extremes of the geotechnical environment and applications
• Designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards

Getting the Data
View the data in real time or store up to 10 million data points. Data storage and retrieval can be achieved via USB memory stick, FTP, Modbus for SCADA, Ethernet or Web. The web server allows browser access to data and files, FTP provides data to your office without the
need for polling or specific host software.

Technical Specifications
To view the full technical specifications please download the GMS | GeoTechnical Monitoring System datasheet

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