Bespoke Monitoring and Automation Systems

Bespoke Monitoring and Automation Systems

If you have a problem that you think can’t be solved or you cannot find a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product that is a fit, then the development of a bespoke system could be the answer.

Since 1984 we have been solving problems for customers like you. 

What Kinds Of Monitoring and Automation Systems Do We Supply?

To understand if the development of a bespoke monitoring and automation systems is a fit for your project, consider the following:

Do you have a monitoring and control need that you think can’t be solved?

Do you have a manual process that you would like to transition to partial or complete automation?

Do you have a need to monitor or control multiple elements?

Do you have a number of disparate systems that need integrating?

Do you have an existing system that you would like to add functionality to (e.g. satellite communications)?

Is there a new technology that you have heard of that you want to utilise?

Is there an existing system on the market that can’t do exactly what you need ... or at a cost-effective price?

Do you have the resources to conduct R&D, manufacture and test a system in a timely manner?

We have experience in mining, agriculture, surveying, environmental protection and other industries and have worked with differing technologies including RFID, 24/7 remote connectivity and satellite telemetry.


Please Visit Our Case Study Gallery To See A Small Selection Of Our Bespoke Automation and Monitoring System


Our Approach 

Pacific Data Systems has a simple, yet structured, process for developing bespoke monitoring and automation systems. Our 4-phase approach
removes the resource burden from your company.    

Phase One

Customer Specification

Phase Two

Technical Specification

Phase Three


Phase Four 


More Information

To learn more about the development of bespoke monitoring and automation systems please download

"Automated Monitoring & Control: Developing Bespoke Solutions When “Off-The-Shelf” Does Not Exist"

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