Grant Data Loggers

Hand-held, battery powered data loggers

The Grant Instruments Squirrel range of data loggers are easy to use, hand held, battery powered data loggers which can also be powered via a standard power socket (110-250 volts). They set the standard for portable data loggers, with their simplicity of operation, very high accuracy of measurement, universal data inputs which can accept virtually any type of sensor signal and their excellent reliability. The complete Squirrel range offers from 4 to 32 analogue sensor inputs channels, full Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity and come complete with the sophisticated SquirrelView configuration and analysis software. Data logging is now truly possible - "out-of-the-box".

Squirrel SQ2010 Data Logger

The Grant Squirrel SQ2010 is a versatile, general purpose logger, with 4 to 8 analogue input channels to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature, plus 8 digital channels. All can be logged or used as triggers to automatically start or stop logging.

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Squirrel SQ2020 Series Data Logger

Hand-held and lightweight, the Grant Squirrel SQ2020 data loggers are easy, fast and convenient to use - either as stand-alone loggers or as PC-linked data acquisition systems in industrial and scientific research and quality assurance applications.

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Squirrel SQ2020 Wi-Fi Series Data Logger

Using high accuracy, 24-bit analogue to digital converters, removable memory and Wi-Fi wireless Ethernet networking, the Grant Squirrel SQ2020 Wi-Fi is the ideal data logger for industrial, scientific research and quality assurance applications.

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Squirrel SQ2040 Series Data Logger

The Grant Squirrel SQ2040 series provide high performance universal data loggers packed with the same powerful features as the Squirrel 2020 series with additional high speed logging on up to four channels and twice as many universal input channels.

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