Solar Tracking and Weather Station

Pacific Data Systems Assists Transfield Services in Bid to Develop Solar Thermal Plant

Solar Tracking and Weather Station

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Project Summary

Version One - 2011 

The customer's requirements called for a remote and self powered ground station that would routinely monitor and log solar and weather data measured at the site. In conjunction with Collinsville Solar’s project consultant, Pacific Data Systems 
designed an innovative solar tracking station.

By incorporating an active solar tracker and pyrheliometer for monitoring direct solar irradiance, the solution constantly tracks the sun’s position. When cloud cover prevents monitoring of the sun’s azimuth and elevation, the solution is able to revert to passive tracking to ensure only a small degree of drift occurs. When the cloud clears, the solution reverts automatically to active tracking.

A data logging solution with remote communications was incorporated into the design of the solution to enable recording of the solar radiation data as well as the air temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and precipitation data gained through an additional weather sensor.

Version Two 2013

After the research was completed in 2011, the system was removed from the Collinsville site and installed elsewhere. A second system, again designed by Pacific Data Systems, was installed at the Collinsville site in 2013. The second system utilised a dataTaker with internal modem, replacing the need for an external 3G modem.

You can download the full case study here

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