Dynamic Soil Thermal Resistivity Monitoring

Improving Design and Installation Standards for Sub-transmission and Transmission Cables

Dynamic Soil Thermal Resistivity Monitoring

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Project Summary

Dr Jim Lyall, a leading expert in the field of cable theory, and Matthew Joliffe from Ausgrid, approached Pacific Data Systems to assist in the manufacture and programming of a full turn-key monitoring solution for Ausgrid.

Pacific Data Systems integrated two Soil Thermal Parameter Sensors and a Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor into the solution to gather the environmental parameters required by Ausgrid. These sensors are buried in trenches and cables connect them to the nearby dataTaker data logger.

The Soil Thermal Parameter Sensor is a small copper sphere capable of monitoring the temperature and thermal resisitivity of the soil. The TR sensor was developed and its manufactured organised by Dr Jim Lyall. Dr Lyall worked closely with Pacific Data Systems during the manufacture of the solution, and assisted Ausgrid with the on-site installation.

The Delta-T® SM300 research grade sensor used in the solution simultaneously monitors the moisture and temperature of the soil in the trench and feeds the data back to the dataTaker data logger.

You can download the full case study here

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