ETH-1010N Ethylene Atmosphere Sampling Instrument

Accurate, real-time measurement of ethylene gas concentrations

ETH-1010N Ethylene Atmosphere Sampling Instrument

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 The ETH-1010N Ethylene Atmosphere Samping Instrument provides accurate real-time measurement of ethylene gas concentrations, in a compact instrument suitable for field and laboratory use.

Designed for growers, storage facility owners, operators, and researchers alike, the ETH-1010N assists in increasing the value of their products and services.

Features & Benefits
• Real-time measurement
• High sensitivity down to few ppb for ethylene
• High selectivity to ethylene with little to no cross sensitivity
• Built in sampling pump
• Quick connections for air inlet and outlet
• User adjustable sampling rate
• Compact and portable
• Internal data logging and storage
• Virtual COM Port communication via USB connection
• SD card data storage and transfer
• Rechargeable battery
• Front panel display with status indicator
• Optional FASense data display software
• Optional analog output

Potential Applications
• Postharvest CA storage room monitoring for control (Kiwifruit, Apple, Pear, Avocado, Melons, Banana, Passion Fruit, etc.)
• Refrigerated shipping containers monitoring
• Fruit ripening room ethylene control
• Single fruit ripeness indicator
• General gas sensing

The ETH-1010N sensor uses a unique, patented nanoporous gold electrocatalytic sensing element, distinct from standard electrochemical sensors offered by others, to sniff out ethylene gas with the following benefits:

• True low parts-per-billion (ppb) detection;
• No interference from gases normally encountered in postharvest applications or in the laboratory;
• Fast response time (both rise and fall time), making it the only instrument suitable for high throughput, breeding studies.

The low ppb ethylene levels are proven to affect ripening of climacteric fruit during postharvest storage and transportation. The instrument can also monitor ethylene levels in fruit at pre-harvest, and provide users with valuable information on postharvest storability. This ultimately leads to higher quality fruits and vegetables arriving to market.

ETH-1010N provides accurate real-time measurements of ethylene concentration, temperature, humidity, CO2 and oxygen concentrations, in a light (~5 lb) compact (8.5" W x 10" D x 6" H) instrument suitable as a field-portable device and sophisticated enough for laboratory use. Additionally, the instrument can be configured such that it measures select gases instead of ethylene in air.
A number of accessories are available for the ETH-1010N to extend the capabilities of the instrument, including specialised sampling jars and interfaces. We offer a customization program, including connection to a tablet or laptop for display or data monitoring, cloud data management, multi-sensor data integration, etc. Our engineers can tailor the instrument in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs.

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