DustTrak 8535 - Environmental Enclosure

DustTrak 8535 - Environmental Enclosure

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The new DustTrak Environmental Enclosure Model can be used in conjunction with the DustTrak aerosol monitor for many different applications. While its primary use is in outdoor applications, it may also be advantageous in indoor industrial applications to provide additional security and protection for the instrument.

The enclosure should be set up in a location where it can easily sample the aerosols of interest. It should be placed away from obstructions which may affect wind currents. The sampling inlet of the Environmental Enclosure samples most efficiently from 0 - 36 kilometres per hour.


Accessories available for the dustTrakII and the Environmental Enclosure are:

  1. Internal Battery System
  2. Heat Shield
  3. Solar power system and
  4. A selection of remote communication devices for remote access.

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For more information please download the DustTrak 8535 - Environmental Enclosure brochure

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