DustTrak 8533

DustTrak 8533

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The DRX Aerosol Monitor can simultaneously measure both mass and size fraction - no other monitor can do both. Dustrak DRX monitors are battery-operated, data-logging, light scattering laser photometers that give you real-time aerosol mass readings. They use a sheath air system that isolates the aerosal in the optics chamber to keep the optics clean for improved reliability and low maintenance.

The DustTrak is easy to use. You can perform quick spot checks or you can program the advanced logging modes for long-term sampling.  You can program the start/stop times, recording intervals and other parameters. You can even set up the instrument for continuous unattended operation.  The DustTrak's new continuous analogue output and adjustable alarm output allow remote access to real-time particle concentration data.  Applications include site perimeter monitoring, ambient monitoring, process area monitoring and other remote uses.  The alarm output with user-defined set point alerts you when upset or changing conditions occur.  This feature allows you to program a switch closure at a concentration value of your choosing.  The DustTrak provides a real-time measurement based on 90 degree light scattering.  A pump draws the sample aerosol through an optics chamber where it is measured.   A sheath air system isolates the aerosol in the chamber to keep the optics clean for improved reliability and low maintenance.

Suitable for clean office settings as well as harsh industrial workplaces, the DustTrak detects potential problems with airborne contaminants such as dust, smokes, fumes and mists.

We can offer remote communications to the dustTrak for data collection and analysis.

For long term applications we recommend the industrial IP65 tripod mountable 8533 Environmental Enclosure with battery back and solar panels.

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For more information plese download the TSI DustTrak 8533 brochure.

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