DT-Remote App

DT-Remote App

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Download PDS-Remote and view your dataTaker data logger information in real time from your iPhone or iPad. PDS Remote allows you to access your entire fleet of dataTaker loggers and to view your data through easy to understand visual displays. 

PDS-Remote has been designed to give mobile device users remote access to their dataTaker based remote data logging systems.

Inspired by the popular dEX interface for Flash enabled devices, PDS-Remote allows you to

  • Add multiple dataTaker based systems. There is no limit to the number of systems that can be accessed simultaneously from DT-Remote.
  • Configure and view visual representations of your data through mimic panels that simulate analogue or digital measuring instruments (meters).
  • Configure and view graphs of your data over time.

With PDS-Remote you can now access your critical information at any time, from anywhere.


DT-Remote allows you to view your data over time in the form of graphs*. Each parameter is graphed independently to give you a clearer overview. (*Data must be logged and stored in dataTaker internal memory).


The DT-Remote Channels view provides a list of all parameters being logged by your dataTaker logger. Information is also displayed highlighting the details of the last reading taken for each parameter.

Mimic Panels

Choose from a selection of graphical representations such as thermometers, dials and compass faces and view your data in easy to read visual display panels.

Brochure Download

Please download the DT-Remote brochure

User Guide

Please download the DT-Remote FAQs for instructions on how to configure the DT-Remote app

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