Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.raxx slimline

19" Measuring Systems

Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.raxx slimline

Measuring systems in standardised housing configurations with 1 height units.

This is a typical design used frequently for industrial testing equipment. 19" systems offer high packing density, flexibility for connection equipment as well as the possibility of combining with products from other suppliers, e.g. a control and display terminal or plug-in modules for special functions.

Worldwide electro-mechanical components ranging from simple adapters to large switch cabinets are offered in the 19" standard.

The slimline RS version is connectable via serial RS 485 interface to an external Test Controller. With the slimline EC version the Test Controller is already included. That offers an Ethernet as well as EtherCAT interface, PAC functionality and the connectability for 3 further slimline RS device.

Gantner Instruments Q.raxx Measurement Modules

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Q.raxx slimline A101-8 Q.raxx slimline A104-16 Q.raxx slimline A106-8 Q.raxx slimline A107-16
Q.raxx slimline A108-16 Q.raxx slimline D101-16    


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