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String Monitoring for Large-Scale Photovoltaic Systems

Gantner Instruments - string.bloxx

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Measurement For Solar Power

In large solar systems monitoring and troubleshooting becomes more complex. Each operator is interested in finding errors in a module, string, or a group quickly because they can reduce the amount of energy produced and the life of the system greatly.

With the help of string.bloxx it is possible to monitor and control inverter-independent precisely the DC side of photovoltaic systems. Thus, defects, contamination, theft or misinterpretation of individual strings are detected and corrected promptly and accurately.

The data exchange between a string.bloxx and superior management system can be direct, for example, the data logger Q.reader.
The integrated LCD screen assists in the installation or trouble shooting control, without additional measuring equipment, directly in the field every single string.

String Monitoring Modules

String monitoring makes it possible to monitor the DC side of photovoltaic installations precisely, independently of the inverter, and detect and correct faults at an early stage.

  • Soiling from pollen, dust and soot
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Weather influences, such as hail, snow loads
  • Installation errors
  • Production errors

Generator Connection Boxes

A string.CB generator connection box can be used to connect the individual solar module strings in a photovoltaic installation in parallel and connect them to the inverter using larger cable cross sections.

The integrated string.bloxx allows precise monitoring of the DC side of photovoltaic installations independently of the inverter.


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