Gantner Instruments

Intelligent Solutions for Measurement and Test Automation


Gantner Instruments is the leader in the acquisition of electrical, thermal and mechanical quantities. Gantner products exhibit high performance and flexibility they remain simple to operate and easy to understand, even in complex applications.

Every Gantner product is designed and built to provide high precision and reliable operation in the most extreme industrial environments. High temperatures and EMC conditions are no problem. All products are manufactured to EN ISO 9001 standards and have an average MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of over 20 years

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Intelligent Solutions For Monitoring & Control of Photovoltaic Systems   Intelligent Solutions For Structural Monitoring   Intelligent Solutions For Wind Turbine Performance Measurement


Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.bloxx

Measurement and I/O Level - Modular design for DIN rail mounting. Q.bloxx modules communicate via RS-485 communications, typically to a Q.gate or Q.pac Test Controller for data acquisition, synchronisation, and control.

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Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.raxx

Compact 19" Meaurement System in 3HU. Dynamic signal acquisition up to 100 kHz, inputs and outputs for all types of signals, galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs, multi-channel solutions, high density packaging and intelligent signal conditioning for all kind of test applications.

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Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.raxx slimline

The Q.raxx slimline product is based on the standardised 19” technology, one rack unit (1 U) and is designed for measurements with a high level of flexibility, reliability and accuracy in the field of stationary testing and assembly.

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Gantner Instruments e.series - e.bloxx

The e.bloxx series is designed for industrial and experimental test systems requiring precise high speed measurement of electrical, thermal, and mechanical quantities in engine and component test beds.

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