Tips For Workplace Vehicle Speed Safety

Tips For Workplace Vehicle Speed Safety


Tips For Managing Vehicle Speed Limits At Work

  • Speed zones should be realistic and appropriate based on the type of vehicles using the route, the condition of the driving surface and potential hazards. Australian Standard AS 1742.4:1999 Manual of uniform traffic control devices — speed controls should be referenced when determining speed limits. 
  • Limit the number of different speed limits on-site to avoid confusion. 
  • On-site traffic signs should look like standard road safety signs in order to be easily understood. 
  • Carry out regular education activities to promote the importance of compliance with speed limits and the serious consequences of dangerous driving. 
  • Implement engineering measures to physically slow vehicles (speed humps, narrowing sections of roads). 
  • Ensure vehicles, roads and other infrastructure are constructed and maintained for safety. 

Tools For Monitoring and Enforcing Vehicle Speed Limits

Speedlaser Radar Gun For Workplace Safety

Enforcing vehicle speed limits on your work site is simple with the new SpeedLaser R LIDAR Vehicle Speed Gun which features video capture.

The SpeedLaser R is extremely rugged, making at an obvious choice for the hot, dirty "rough and tumble" conditions of mines, quarries and construction sites. 

SpeedLaser R Features

Speedlaser Rugged Lidar Gun
  • Capture video evidence using camera attachment
  • Target vehicles up to 3,650m away
  • Takes less than 1 second to display speed
  • Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices
  • Up to 40 hours battery life
  • Ruggedised design - aluminium chassis, rubber bumpers
  • Optional handle

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