Technology Event : Remote Monitoring and Satellite Communications Open Day - Brisbane, March 17 2014

Technology Event : Remote Monitoring and Satellite Communications Open Day - Brisbane, March 17 2014

Event Details 

When 10am - 5pm Monday March 17 2014 
(Meetings by request) 
Where Pacific Data Systems Head Office, 
27 Hi-Tech Court, Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains (On-site parking available) 
  Light refreshments and BBQ lunch will be provided
RSVP Free entry. Please RSVP to or call Kristen Lee on 07 3361 2000.


On Monday March 17 2014, Pacific Data Systems, in partnership with AST Australia, will be hosting a product technology expo in our Brisbane office. 

Pacific Data Systems has partnered with AST Australia to offer Australian customers a complete end-to-end solution. Together we make it simpler and more cost-effective for you to source remote monitoring and control systems. By forging a "single source" approach, we reduce the amount of time you spend on sourcing quotes, chasing ETA's and resolving technical issues.

Visit this year's expo for your opportunity to

  • Meet representatives from 3 major satellite manufacturers at one time - SkyWave, Hughes and Inmarsat
  • Get hands on and "touch, play and feel" working integrated monitoring and control systems with live satellite connections
  • Attend technical presentations on remote monitoring and satellite communications systems
  • Have a private consultation with representatives from Pacific Data Systems and AST Australia, as well as key suppliers, to discuss your project ideas. 

Benefits Of Attending

1) Get Hands On With The Latest Technology 

The following is a list of equipment and integrated systems on display for you to interact with:

Integrated Monitoring Systems

Australian designed and manufactured solutions, customised to meet your project requirements.
View working examples of customer solutions including

  • Water level monitoring 
  • Irrigation control with weather and soil monitoring 
  • Generic gas skid control system 

Satellite Communications 

Skywave Terminals
  • IDP680 Land terminal 
  • IDP690 Marine terminal 
  • IDP800 Battery terminal 
Hughes M2M Terminals
  • Hughes BGAN 9502 single and two piece M2M terminals 

Explorer 325 Terminals

  • For on the move solutions

2) Have Your Questions Answered

The expo provides the unique opportunity to meet, and have your questions answered by, representatives from 3 major manufacturers as well as consultants from Pacific Data Systems and AST Australia in the one location. 

Cliff White

M2M Sales Manager, Inmarsat  l

Dwayne MacTavish

Director, Sales & Business Development, Hughes 

Travis Bowland

Account Manager Asia Pacific, SkyWave 

Keith Richardson

M2M Solutions & Product Manager, AST Australia 

Neil Jamieson

Regional Manager, AST Australia 

Paul Gapes

General Manager, Pacific Data Systems 

Do you have a specific area of interest?

In addition to our already scheduled presentations, shown below, we have timeslots available to explore additional topics of interest with you and your team.

Please email us on or call Paul Gapes on 07 3361 2000 to indicate your area of interest or to book a meeting room to discuss your specific project.

3) Technical Presentations

In addition to offering advice and answering your questions throughout the day, our representatives will also be holding scheduled presentations. Please email or call 07 3361 2000 to reserve your spot now for your preferred sessions.

'Designing A Remote Monitoring System Using Satellite Communications'

A Step-By-Step Guide For Basic (Single Parameter) Systems

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 am (booked out) / 1:00pm - 2:00pm (seats still available)

Are you new to remote monitoring and satellite communications? Join us as we explore the fundamentals of system design.


  • Instrumentation for single parameter data collection 
  • Alarms, reporting and remote control 
  • An introduction to satellite communications - device selection, account setup 
  • Case study: Remote Bore Hole Water Level Monitoring (including alarms)


How To Optimise A Multi-Parameter Remote Monitoring System For Satellite Communications

Time: 2:30 - 3:30pm

Without proper planning, complex monitoring systems can quickly become costly and unmanageable. In this workshop we will look at ways to reduce the overheads of monitoring multiple parameters, including considerations for satellite communications optimisation.


  • Choosing the right sensors 
  • Managing your data - accessing raw data and formatting for reporting 
  • Configuring satellite communications for cost-effective, reliable access to remote data 

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers, IT specialists and senior level site or exploration management who would like to introduce reliable remote communications, monitoring or control into their business. 
  • It is also relevant to anyone interested in the latest cutting edge Satellite Communications Technologies. 


Please RSVP to or call Kristen Lee on 07 3361 2000.