Safety News: Protecting Against Heat Stroke At Work

Safety News: Protecting Against Heat Stroke At Work

Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Tracker

kestrel 4400 heats stress trackerIn Australia's harsh summers, heat related illness is a serious risk for outdoor and manual workers.

Workers suffering heat related illness can very rapidly deteriorate and succumb to the more severe, and potentially fatal, heat stroke.

Australian workplaces can, however, predict the likelihood of illness occurring long before workers start showing physical signs of illness using the handheld Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Tracker.

The Kestrel 4400 proactively monitors and logs the environment to establish when employees should make provisions to prevent heat stress related illness. Within seconds, it assesses the level of heat stress and displays the index on the screen.

Kestrel 4400 Heat Stress Tracker Features

  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature - "WBGT" 
  • Mean Radiant Temperature 
  • Thermal Work Limit - "TWL" 
  • Globe Temperature 
  • Data storage and charting 
  • Includes tripod compatible vane mount 

$898.00 ex GST + P&H

Heat Safety Tips

In addition to closely monitoring conditions using the Kestrel 4400, encourage your staff to:

  • Be well hydrated before starting work 
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids (avoid caffeinated & alcoholic drinks). Manual workers should aim for one litre of water per hour and machinery operators 600 millilitres per hour. Drink steadily instead of consuming all at once. 
  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing 
  • Apply sunscreen at regular intervals while outdoors 
  • Reduce physical activity 
  • Where possible, avoid outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day 
  • If possible, stay in shaded areas. 

Workers should watch out for their mates and be aware of the early signs of heat related illnesses which can quickly develop into heat stroke (a very serious medical emergency):

  • Painful muscle spasms or cramps 
  • Heavy sweating 
  • Difficulty in thinking clearly 
  • Slurred speech 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Dizziness or fainting 

If someone is presenting with heat related illness symptoms, lie the person in the shade, remove outer clothing, provide cool water and fan vigorously to increase evaporation. If symptoms are severe or don't improve, seek medical attention immediately.


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