Remote Water Monitoring - Water Evaporation, Tank Level, Dam Level Monitoring

Remote Water Monitoring - Water Evaporation, Tank Level, Dam Level Monitoring

Water evaporation can be costly for many industries and water level monitoring can be a time consuming process, particularly when water reserves are located away from operational centres.

Pacific Data Systems offers remote water monitoring stations to allow customers to keep a close watch on their water resources online, from anywhere in the world, speeding up response times when action is needed.

dam level monitoring


  • Mining
  • Agriculture & aquaculture
  • Irrigation
  • Environmental research
  • Water suppliers

Water Level Monitoring Applications

  • Tank Level
  • Reservoir Level
  • Dam Level
  • River Level
  • Lake Level
  • Dewatering Pit Level

Reliable and Accurate Measurements

druck ptx 1830 water level sensor

Effective water management depends on having access to the right data at the right time. Our systems provide long-term reliability and accuracy in the toughest of conditions. Only pay to monitor what you need - choose from a range of measurements including:

  • Change in water level (for monitoring evaporation / water consumption)
  • Weather conditions that can impact on water resources e.g. temperature, wind and rainfall
  • Soil moisture
  • pH levels
  • Salinity levels
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Flow

Project Overview:

Dam Level and Weather Monitoring Station 

weather station with dam level monitoring

Customer An Australian university research team
Application Monitoring the effects of chemicals on the water evaporation rate in dams
Monitoring System Features

Full weather station functionality including

  • Rainfall
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Relative humidity

Monitoring of water level changes

24/7 data recording and remote access over 3G networks

Solar power


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