PDS-WX-2 Ultrasonic Weather Sensor

PDS-WX-2 Ultrasonic Weather Sensor

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Reliability and superior accuracy, along with no moving parts and plug and play installation, makes the PDS WX-2 an easy and affordable choice for any weather solution.

The PDS-WX-2 Weather Sensor offers ultrasonic apparent wind speed and direction measurement as well as barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity and wind chill temperature.

• Apparent wind speed and direction 
• Ultrasonic wind readings up to 40 m/s (90 MPH/78 KTS) 
• Barometric pressure 
• Air temperature 
• Calculated wind chill temperature 
• Field-serviceable relative humidity 
- Calculated dew point 
- Calculated heat index 
• Output options include: 
• WeatherCaster™ PC software for viewing and customising data sentences

The ability to provide true wind speed and direction readings makes it a suitable weather sensor for use in moving vehicle applications (e.g. farm machinery, emergency service vehicles, marine vehicles). Also included is a 10Hz GPS, solid state compass and three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll to assist in navigation, particularly for marine vessels.

The PDS WX-2 has also been developed with a 50% reduction in current draw for use in remote locations where solar or battery power is in use. Pacific Data Systems can design and build complete weather stations incorporating the PDS-WX-3 Ultrasonic Weather Sensor to meet your project requirements.

• Ultrasonic wind readings up to 40 m/s
• Apparent wind speed and direction
• Barometric pressure
• Air temperature
• Calculated wind chill temperature
• Relative humidity
• Dewpoint
• Heat index
• Output options include NMEA 0183 (RS422 / NMEA 2000® (CAN BUS), NMEA 0183 (RS232)

For more information, including technical specifications, please dowload the PDS-WX2 Ultrasonic Weather Sensor brochure

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