Decagon GS3 Soil Moisture, EC & Temperature Sensor

Decagon GS3 Soil Moisture, EC & Temperature Sensor

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Decagon GS3 Soil Moisture, EC & Temperature Sensor

The Decagon GS3 sensor is an accurate tool for monitoring electrical conductivity, volumetric water content, and temperature in soil and soil-less substrates. The GS3 determines volumetric water content (VWC) by measuring the dielectric constant of the medium using capacitance / frequency-domain technology.

Benefits & Applications 
• Greenhouse substrate monitoring 
• Volumetric water content measurement 
• Soil/Substrate water balance 
• Electrical Conductivity measurement 
• Salt management 
• Fertilizer movement 
• Soil/Substrate temperature measurement 
• Modeling processes that are affected by temperature

The internal circuitry is the same cutting edge design that you’ll find in other Decagon soil moisture 
sensors, but the form factor has been optimized for use in soilless substrates, giving it a wider range of EC measurement and an increased temperature range. 

The steel needles not only slice through the substrates for perfect contact, but they also improve the 
sensor’s ability to measure EC in porous substrates such as peat or perlite. The sensor also works well in mineral soils.

Engineered for Accuracy 
The GS3 measures water content, temperature, and EC independently. 

Its 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making it accurate in most soil or soilless media. Stainless steel needles have an extended surface area to optimize EC measurements, while 
minimizing substrate disturbance during insertion. 

Temperature is measured with an onboard thermistor, and electrical conductivity is measured using a stainless steel electrode array. 

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For technical specifications, please download the Decagon GS3 Soil Moisture, EC & Temperature Sensor brochure

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